The mining and Energy sectors need to work together and are inseparable in an emerging economy.


To promote Mining in a transparent & responsible manner as it is one of the few original sources and creators of value and wealth for society, and a great provider of jobs and income/revenue.

This will be accomplished by:

  1. Identifying & addressing inequities;
  2. Providing education to new entrants to orientate them to the sector;
  3. To provide advanced orientation to board members on the mining industry;
  4. To stimulate thought on advanced mining topics via a Masterclass in Mining short courses
  5. Contributing to efficiency of mining operations via productivity &cost improvments
  6. Endeavouring to finds methods to improve sustainability, during and after mining operations
  7. To conduct due diligences to uncover corruption, misrepresentation and deficiencies in sustainability
  8. To promote fair trade in commodities and trade in minerals globally
  9. To raise capital and investments for projects
  10. To find mining projects on the African Continent and match them with investors.


  1. To act as “watchdog of the watchdog” – via the NERSA platform
  2. To promote self sufficiency in energy by deploying new technology
  3. To act in the public interest to promote cheap access to energy
  4. To promote sustainable and affordable alternatives that will promote jobs for all
  5. To raise transparency in electricity costs and eradicate all forms of collusion & corruption
  6. To contribute to an efficient, prosperous safe society.